Mescomp S.A. was established in 1987 concentrating on data and telecom branches. Since October 1999 the company operated under the name Mescomp Telecom S.A.

Most projects are developed together with leading technological research institutes and experts from major universities, especially with Warsaw Academy of Computer Science, Management and Administration, the Prorector of which is Chairmen of Mescomp Telecom Board. Our skilled staff consists of telecommunications experts, system engineers and programmers.

Major business lines of Mescomp Telecom used to be designing, branding, sales of telephones and exchanges, moreover design, construction and maintenance of computer networks. Our products comply with the latest technologies, according to highest world standards. We are authorized dealer of many providers of equipment for structural networks.

We work together with reputable telecommunications equipment distributors and operators in Poland and created a large distribution network on the whole area of Poland. We are one of major partners of the largest national telecommunication operator in Poland TP S.A.
We serve our customers helping them to define their needs, implement applications and maintain operation of systems.

Mescomp Telecom's network of authorized after-sales service points covers the whole area of Poland. We offer high quality products and services complying with international certificates guaranteed by ISO 9000:2001/EN ISO 9000:2001

We are worth of your attention because we are professional and reliable. Our success is based on:

  • many years of experience in the information and telecommunication fields and good reputation on the market
  • well organized distribution network
  • high quality of products and excellent services assured by tight quality control system
  • strong R&D team and continuous new product development
  • flexibility to meet your needs and requirements

We welcome all opportunities for mutually beneficial business